Wicklow Mountains Guide was founded and is run by myself Damien Kennedy.

Here at Wicklow Mountains Guide, I am passionate about the Wicklow Mountains and what they have to offer us. With its fantastic landsca e and steeped in history and all the wildlife and plantlife our hills and mountains has to offer with its changing Colours through out the year.

At Wicklow Mountains Guide, I have a strict leave no trace policy .

In the recent past I have helped out with (SARDA) Search and Rescue Dogs Association. As a dogs body, in which a few of us would have to go hide in the mountains /hills. So SARDA dog trainers can train there dogs for finding people missing in the hills/mountains. It was real eye opener to see the trainers and their dogs in action and the amount of hard work and time put into the trnto the training of these dogs.

Damien is a Qualified Mountain Leader with a REC3 first Aid certificate.


089 464 7889